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Handlebars + Stems

  • VO Crazy Bars

    VO Crazy Bars

    These bars are intended for touring on paved and unpaved roads, single and double track, gravel and crushed limestone, and everything in between. The main, swept back section provides good control on rough and tumble surfaces, while the the bullhorn...

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  • VO Curvy Bar VO Curvy Bar

    VO Curvy Bar

    The Curvy Bar is a wider version of our Postino that fits modern accoutrements. It's very lightweight (273g), has no rise and drop, and is perfect for those converting roadies into a more comfortable, albeit, spirited position. With a width of 680mm and...

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  • VO Tall-Stack Stem 31.8mm VO Tall-Stack Stem 31.8mm

    VO Tall-Stack Stem 31.8mm

    The VO Tall-Stack Stem offers a super clean look on a modern bike. The angle is 17 degrees, so the stem is level on most frames. Available in polished Silver and Noir.   The stem is cold forged alloy with a polished finish.   Handlebar Clamp: 31...

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  • Salsa Cowchipper Deluxe Handlebar

    Salsa Cowchipper Deluxe Handlebar

    The Cowchipper was designed to be the control center you want for road touring and long days on mixed surfaces. While the Cowchipper retains some resemblance of a traditional road bar, it takes a new approach by offering a radical 24° flare in the drops,...

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  • Salsa Cowbell Deluxe Handlebar Salsa Cowbell Deluxe Handlebar

    Salsa Cowbell Deluxe Handlebar

    The Cowbell bar shape is a mild departure from a traditional road bar, so it’s easy to transition to if that’s what you’re used to. The design differences it offers do bring substantial benefits however. The 12° flare at the drops offers increased...

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  • VO Dajia Cycleworks Far Bar

    VO Dajia Cycleworks Far Bar

    The Dajia Cycleworks Far Bar is a fantastic, lightweight off-road touring bar designed to be used with road components. Unlike dirt drops of years past, these allow you to have a normal hood position in addition to an easy reach to the brake levers from...

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  • VO Ahead Stem

    VO Ahead Stem

    This is a simple, polished silver threadless stem with a 25.4 or 26.0 clamp diameter.    Length is measured center-to-center along extension.   Handlebar Clamp: 25.4mm or 26.0mm Steerer Clamp: 1-1/8" Stack Height: 40mm Weight: 140g (100mm size)  

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  • Salsa Woodchipper Deluxe Handlebar

    Salsa Woodchipper Deluxe Handlebar

    The Woodchipper  is a drop bar off-road handlebar. It delivers the most hand position options of any of our drop handlebars, and offers great control on challenging singletrack terrain. The non-conventional shape requires a more unique setup for...

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