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Velo Orange

Velo Orange was Velo Orange is run by Igor and Adrian just outside of historic Annapolis, Maryland.


Founded in 2006 as an importer of elegant parts and accessories that were once produced by small firms in Europe, Japan, and the UK for the cyclo-tourist and randonneur. More recently, many of those products have become either unavailable or outrageously expensive. We decided to recreate and improve upon those designs using modern manufacturing techniques, materials, and tolerances.


So if you are looking to refurbish an oldie or just looking for quality vintage inspired parts and accessories, Velo Orange is sure to have something you like.

  • VO Fender R-Clips

    VO Fender R-Clips

    These clips attach the fender stay to the dropout eyelet. They may be used with VO 5mm stays as well as fender stays from other brands. Includes screws and washers.   Price is for a pack of four.

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  • VO Leather Mud Flaps VO Leather Mud Flaps

    VO Leather Mud Flaps

    Standard Mud Flaps Leather mud flaps are the ideal complement to metal fenders. This classic, smaller size is useful to protect your feet and frame from muck and grime that can get sprayed up by the front tire.   These fender mud flaps are cut from 13-15...

    $45.00 - $60.00
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  • VO Leather Toe Straps

    VO Leather Toe Straps

    These leather toe straps feature anti-stretch material sandwiched between two layers of Australian cowhide. They are glued and then stitched along the edges for durability and an elegant look.   They include buckle covers to protect your shoes. Their...

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  • VO Stainless Steel Toe Clips

    VO Stainless Steel Toe Clips

    A good quality toe clip and strap is ubiquitous on any classic and vintage bike. These are made from stainless steel and are available in two reach sizes (distance they stick out from the pedal): Medium, 50mm and Large, 65mm   Price is per pair. Mounting...

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  • VO Crazy Bars

    VO Crazy Bars

    These bars are intended for touring on paved and unpaved roads, single and double track, gravel and crushed limestone, and everything in between. The main, swept back section provides good control on rough and tumble surfaces, while the the bullhorn...

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  • VO Curvy Bar VO Curvy Bar

    VO Curvy Bar

    The Curvy Bar is a wider version of our Postino that fits modern accoutrements. It's very lightweight (273g), has no rise and drop, and is perfect for those converting roadies into a more comfortable, albeit, spirited position. With a width of 680mm and...

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