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Bike Repair Shop Melbourne

Northside Cycles workshop will service and repair most types of bikes, located close to the CBD in North Melbourne. 

We have a small team of experienced mechanics who appreciate that you want to get back on your bike and keep rolling as soon as possible. So we take pride in our ability to provide a high quality service with a fast turnaround.


What bikes we do service and repair

Most types and brands of conventional bicycles, such as Kids Bikes, Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Single Speed Bikes, Touring Bikes and Gravel Bikes

Bikes fitted with the Shimano Di2 system

Electric bikes that have been purchased at Northside Cycles

Electric bikes fitted with the Shimano Steps drive system

Electric bikes fitted with the Mahle drive system


What we do not service and repair

Electric bikes with conversion kits or modifications such aftermarket chips.

Electric bikes with a power output of over 250 watts

All electric scooters


Appointments for bike servicing or repairs

Some minor repairs such as a puncture repair, a minor brake adjust or a minor gear adjust, we are happy to manage on the spot without an appointment if time allows.

However, for general servicing and repairs, we would appreciate the heads up that you are coming in by you making an appointment.

You can do that by phone, email, in person or here through the Book Now button below.