Bike Service + Repair

Northside Cycles is a bike shop that provides bike services for Melbourne riders, located close to the CBD in North Melbourne. 


We have a lot of experience, knowledge and we know that you need to keep rolling, so we take pride in our ability to provide a high quality service with a fast turnaround.


Bike Repair in Melbourne


If you would like to book a bike repair, press the button below. 

For bikes booked ahead of time, bikes booked and dropped off in the morning will be completed on the "Same Day" and bikes booked and dropped off in the afternoon will be completed "Overnight", work out what might best suit your schedule and then secure your time.




What service should I book?


We service most bikes and components from the most humble of bikes, right through to premium bikes sporting the latest in technological advances. 

If you are looking for a service that covers the bike in its entirety, most bikes will benefit from our Standard Set Service. However, if you only need work on a particular area, our Service Menu covers off on most small jobs that your bike might need.


However just book the "Standard Booking" then we can help select the best option when you drop your bike off in store.


How often should I service my bike?


There are many factors and variables that will influence the answer to this question, but for the sake of this exercise we will try and keep it nice and simple by asking you a question. Which of the rider profiles below best matches you and your bike?


Occasional Fair Weather Rider = 1 Annual Service (Oct/Nov) – someone who rides their bike 1-5 times per month during the summer months, will generally avoid riding during wet weather and the winter months.


Regular Rider = 2 Annual Services (Jul/Aug & Feb/Mar) – someone who rides 6-12 times per month, is not too put off by the wet weather, but is likely ride less during the depths of winter.


All Weather/Daily Rider = 2-3 Annual Services (Dec/Jan, Apr/May & Aug/Sep) – someone who rides most days for transport or training purposes and weather is not a factor. Services will typically involve more parts replacement and ultimately expense, but hey, it will still cost a lot less than the alternatives like cars, trains or fitness centres.


What can I do between services to my bike?


Well this will depend a little on your skill and knowledge, but we reckon everyone should be doing the following,

Before Every ride 

Make sure wheel nuts and quick release skewers are tight and secure. 

Check that brakes are working. 

Every month or 5 rides (whatever comes first) 

Inflate tyres to the recommended pressure. 

Lightly lubricate chain and wipe off excess lubricant and dirt. 

Make sure all accessories are securely fitted to the bike.