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  • MKS Sylvan Stream Pedal


    MKS Sylvan Stream Pedal

    One of the most popular pedal of MKS, SYLVAN STREAM pedal - traditional cup & cone bearing system - Highest grade compact & double stepped flat pedal. - Weight reduction compare with current SYLVAN pedal, and lower stack height make power...

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  • MKS Gamma Pedal MKS Gamma Pedal


    MKS Gamma Pedal

    Following the success of the LAMBDA commuter pedal, MKS has continued to collaborate with the Rivendell Bicycle Works and has co-developed the GAMMA gravel and mixed surface pedal. The GAMMA is built around the proven pedal body used on the LAMBDA,...

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  • MKS Bear Trap XC-III Pedal


    MKS Bear Trap XC-III Pedal

    The original mountain bike pedals are back, resurrected by Blue Lug and MKS. If you don't like the pins digging into the soles of your shoes, these are a great, grippy but non-pinny option. Like our old RMX pedal, but with some MTB pedigree.

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  • VO Leather Toe Straps

    VO Leather Toe Straps

    These leather toe straps feature anti-stretch material sandwiched between two layers of Australian cowhide. They are glued and then stitched along the edges for durability and an elegant look.   They include buckle covers to protect your shoes. Their...

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  • VO Stainless Steel Toe Clips

    VO Stainless Steel Toe Clips

    A good quality toe clip and strap is ubiquitous on any classic and vintage bike. These are made from stainless steel and are available in two reach sizes (distance they stick out from the pedal): Medium, 50mm and Large, 65mm   Price is per pair. Mounting...

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  • Shimano SPD-SL Cleats Shimano SPD-SL Cleats

    Shimano SPD-SL Cleats

    Compatible with 3 bolt road shoes Compatible with Shimano SPD-SL road pedals only Coloured wear indicator tips Smooth entry and exit action SH10 Red: Fixed position with no float for complete efficiency and rigid form SH12 Blue: 2-degrees of float for...

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  • Azur Stout Pedal Azur Stout Pedal

    Azur Stout Pedal

    Pedal body and cr-mo axle are both CNC machined for optimum strength and weight. - Premium crud seals keep the lube in and the dust out. - Strong dual platform to withstand tough punishment. - 10 Replaceable pins per side for confidence inspiring grip. -...

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