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Quad Lock

Developed in Australia, the Quad Lock® mounting system is a unique idea that was brought to market through the power of Crowd Funding, social media and ecommerce.


The big difference between the Quad Lock® and other mounting solutions is that Quad Lock is a cased based system. What this means is that half of the mount has been built into the rear of a slim protective case. The case provides great every day protection for your smartphone while also allowing the mounts to be very small and discreet so you'll barely notice them when not in use.


Another area that separates the Quad Lock from its competitors is security. Unlike most mounts and cradles on the market, it's very easy for your phone to be dislodged from the mount if bumped or knocked. If this happened on a bike it could be fatal for your smartphone.


To prevent this happening the Quad Lock features a dual stage locking mechanism (patent pending) that securely locks your phone to the mount. Once your smartphone is attached it will never be accidently released. It also extremely quick to use. Your phone can be attached or removed from any of the mounts in seconds.