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Widely considered the best folding bikes on the planet, Brompton folding bikes are now for sale in the heart of Melbourne at Northside Cycles. In a handful of seconds, Brompton bikes can be folded into a small, neat package and taken on public transport, thrown in the boot of a car, stored under a desk or carried on a plane without incurring oversized luggage charges. The unparalleled convenience of a Brompton bike opens up endless possibilities, and can revolutionise they way you get around your city. But just because they're small, don't think they're tricky to ride. Their long wheelbase provides stability at speed, and the built-in rear suspension smooths out the roughest of streets. 

Brompton bikes are highly customisable. You can choose the number of gears, the type of handlebar, the colour, even frame materials. Models we stock include the S2L, M6L and H3E. And there are a plethora of accessories available such as mudguards, racks, bags and dynamo lighting. All are specially designed by Brompton to work seamlessly with the bike. These accessories can really unlock the potential of your Brompton bike, transforming your two-wheeled steed into a complete urban transport solution. 

Note: Brompton e-bikes have not reached Australia yet and there is currently no official ETA from Bromtpon. Hopefully soon!