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  • Panaracer Seal Smart Sealant

    Panaracer Seal Smart Sealant

    Hypoallergenic tire sealant using a natural rubber compound (latex). Tire sealant developed by pairing hypoallergenic latex rubber compound with walnut shells. The sealant is safer for users with skin allergies, and provides excellent sealing when used...

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  • Panaracer Gravelking SS+

    Panaracer Gravelking SS+

    The strongest version of GravelKing now has even better puncture resistance, with the use of ProTite Shield Plus for withstanding tough conditions.   Developed with ZSG compound to enhance durability and wear resistance. Lightweight, ultra-thin...

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  • Granite Juicy Nipple Valve Cap (pair) Granite Juicy Nipple Valve Cap (pair)

    Granite Juicy Nipple Valve Cap (pair)

    JUICY NIPPLE takes the stress out of tubeless setup and repairs.It lives on your Presta valve in place of your boring, regular valve cap until you need it the most. It doubles up as a valve core remover, making it easy to remove or install valve cores...

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  • Panaracer Gravelking SK Panaracer Gravelking SK

    Panaracer Gravelking SK

    In recent years, the Panaracer Gravel King SK tyre has gained a reputation as one of the world’s best all-surface tyres. Grippy on dirt, fast rolling on pavement, durable and supple, there is no excuse not to travel far and wide on Panaracer Gravel King...

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  • Schwalbe Tyre Marathon Plus

    Schwalbe Tyre Marathon Plus

    The world’s most puncture-resistant pneumatic tyre, the Schwalbe Marathon Plus means thousands of miles of trouble-free pedalling. The 5mm thick Smartguard puncture-protection layer is made from partly recycled material, and is so strong that not even a...

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