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  • Abus Bordo 6000 Plus Abus Bordo 6000 Plus

    Abus Bordo 6000 Plus

    BORDO™ 6000 Plus   THE STABILITY OF A U-LOCK COMBINED WITH THE FLEXIBILITY OF A CABLE LOCK   Place your trust in the quality of a classic model: the BORDO™ 6000 Folding Lock offers ease of use as well as outstanding protection against theft.   The BORDO™...

    $189.00 - $219.00
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  • ABUS Steel-O-Chain 9808

    ABUS Steel-O-Chain 9808

    The high-quality “Plus” cylinder of the Chain Lock Steel-O-Chain™ 9808 is the safest that ABUS currently offers No matter if someone tries to break into the bike lock or the “Plus” cylinder with special tools – they won’t get very far. The hidden “Plus”...

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  • Abus Ultimate 420 U Lock Abus Ultimate 420 U Lock

    Abus Ultimate 420 U Lock

    The Ultimate 420 U-lock combines ABUS security technology and compact design into a lock that will make thieves tear their hair out.   The Ultimate 420 radiates a feeling of security through its appearance alone.   There are locks and then there is the...

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  • Abus Bordo 6000 Alarm

    Abus Bordo 6000 Alarm

    A new era of bike safety: the BORDO™ Alarm 6000A Folding Lock not only places mechanical barriers in the way of thieves, but also sounds the alarm if it detects tampering.   Something to make bike thieves think twice: as well as the ultra-safe mechanical...

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  • ABUS Ultra 410 U Lock ABUS Ultra 410 U Lock

    ABUS Ultra 410 U Lock

    Hardened 12 mm round shackle The shackle, body and the structural parts of the locking mechanism are made of hardened steel The special, modern design of the lock body casing allows for optimum handling High-quality locking cylinder for a high level of...

    $75.00 - $85.00
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  • ABUS Bordo Lite Mini 6055

    ABUS Bordo Lite Mini 6055

    The BORDO™ Lite 6055 Folding Lock resembles its older siblings from the BORDO™ family in that its mechanical properties guarantee a high level of security, flexibility and compactness.   Weighing in at a mere 440g, the BORDO™ Lite 6055 folding lock is...

    $100.00 - $110.00
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  • ABUS Bordo uGrip 5700

    ABUS Bordo uGrip 5700

    The Abus Bordo 5700 U-grip folding lock offers high security in a very user-friendly package. With the convenience of a cable lock but the security of many u-locks, it really is the best of both worlds. The Abus Bordo 5700 comes with its own cradle that...

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