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Northside Cycles is the closest Kona dealer to Melbourne’s CBD, offering a range of commuting, adventure, gravel and touring bikes. Popular models we stock include the Kona Rove ST, the Kona Sutra and the Kona Sutra LTD.

Known for their progressive design and quality, Kona are now one of the bigger bike companies in the world. But that doesn’t mean they have lost their soul. They are still owned by the people who founded the company back in 1988 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kona has always been about the freedom and empowerment of the bicycle. They makes a wide range of bikes encompassing road, mountain, gravel, adventure, touring, commuting and e-bikes. Kona bikes are ridden all over the world by all sorts of people; you are just as likely to see one on the downhill world cup circuit as a village in Botswana. And, of course, on the streets of Melbourne. 

  • Kona Sutra 2022 Kona Sutra 2022

    Kona Sutra 2022

    The Kona Sutra strangely is a new model for this season, even if it does have a familiar name. But if you are after a bike for daily commuting duties and those long weekends away with some gear, then this could be the bike you are looking for.   The...

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  • Kona Rove DL 2022 Kona Rove DL 2022

    Kona Rove DL 2022

    You’re looking for a smooth ride across mixed terrain. You’re a fan of steel. You have discerning taste but aren’t caught up in trends. You want a bike that looks good, rides great, and will last you a lifetime. You’re the person that buys a great...

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  • Kona Sutra LTD 2022 Kona Sutra LTD 2022

    Kona Sutra LTD 2022

    NOTE – the Sutra Ltd this season is more like the Sutra UNlimited from last year.   The Sutra LTD is one of those bikes that just changes everything. You thought you were a mountain biker, but you find yourself sneaking off on adventures and enjoying the...

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  • Kona Dew Plus 2022 Kona Dew Plus 2022

    Kona Dew Plus 2022

    When riding your bike, you want a few simple things. Comfort, function, and control are at the top of the list, so we built the Dew Plus with all three in mind. The Dew Plus features a 10-speed drivetrain for smooth shifting and a broad gear range...

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  • Kona Sutra 2020

    Kona Sutra 2020

    Size 46cm only   The Sutra is many things. It’s gorgeous. It’s stylish. It’s incredibly versatile, and it comes ready for the long haul on the bike tour of your dreams. Our Kona Cromoly steel frame is outfitted with a Brooks saddle, cork bar tape, BarCon...

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