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  • Bike Rakz Ezi-Hold Bike Rakz Ezi-Hold

    Bike Rakz Ezi-Hold

    The BIKE RAKZ EZI-HOLD wall-mounted Bike Rack offers a minimalist storage solution with an innovative design. Its side-to-side movement of -85°~+65° makes accessing and taking down your bikes simple and efficient, much like turning the pages of a book...

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  • Bike Rakz Ezi-Hang Bike Rakz Ezi-Hang

    Bike Rakz Ezi-Hang

    The BIKE RAKZ -EZI HANG is the perfect bike storage solution for saving space and creating a neat and tidy area! It's compatible with a wide range of bike types, including road, hybrid, cyclocross, MTB, BMX and more –– all up to 25kg.   Installing the...

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  • Bike Rakz Ezi-Fold

    Bike Rakz Ezi-Fold

    The BIKE RAKZ EZI FOLD wall-mounted Bike Rack is the perfect solution for anyone looking to store their bike on the wall. It offers a safer, simpler way to store your bike without it ever coming into contact with the wall. When not in use, you'll be able...

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