• VO Enterprise Rims

    The Enterprise Rim is a classic, highly polished, box section rim with stainless steel eyelets. It fits the sweet spot for road and touring tires between 25-38mm in width.   Intended Tire Size: 25-38mm External Width: 22mm Internal Width: 16.3mm ERD:...

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  • VO PBP Rim

    The PBP rim is a simple box section rim in a shiny silver polished finish. Double wall construction adds a bit of weight as compared to single wall (or open box) rims, but we feel a classic double wall box design is far superior in terms of overall...

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  • VO Wheel Stabilizer

    Common on European utility bikes, a front wheel stabilizer makes loading front racks simpler. It is a spring connecting the fork to the down tube. It adds a subtle self centering action to the front wheel, making loading and unloading of a bike with a...

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