Tyres + Tubes

  • Continental Gatorskin Continental Gatorskin

    Continental Gatorskin

    Quite possibly the most popular puncture resistant tyre for a road bike on the market! Now Northside Cycles are big fans of the Schwalbe range of tyres, but we had to get this tyre in stock, because so many customers were asking for it, so here it is...

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  • Continental Race 28 Light Tube

    Continental Race 28 Light Tube

    The choice for those who want to save weight in all areas   Continental Race 28 LIGHT 700c Inner Tubes.   The Continental Race 28 Light inner tube is a lightweight butyl road inner tube with a Presta valve. It's perfect for training or racing and weighs...

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  • Continental Race 28 Tube

    Continental Race 28 Tube

    The continental Race 28 tube is a lightweight tube with an extra-long 80mm valve. Suitable for aero wheels.   Continental draws on a century of rubber manufacturing experience with the Race 28 inner tube, which offers durability, low weight and...

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  • CST Otis Classic Tyre


    CST Otis Classic Tyre

    The CST Otis Classic tyre offers high puncture protection and durability at a formidable price point. Otis ensures trouble-free riding, perfect for commuters on a budget.    

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  • Panaracer Gravelking Plus TLC

    Panaracer Gravelking Plus TLC

    The strongest version of GravelKing now has even better puncture resistance, with the use of ProTite Shield Plus for withstanding tough conditions.   Developed with ZSG compound to enhance durability and wear resistance. Lightweight, ultra-thin...

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